Why Outsourcing To Us?

In New Vital Soft we consider outsourcing not just a strategy of cost reduction, but a strategic service and essential element of growth.

New Vital Soft has software development focus on web and desktop Applications, multimedia sevice, security & encryption algorithms, utilizing top technologies and tools such as .NET, Web Services, and major database engines.

With more and more organizations recognize the potential of business process offshore employees leasing, New Vital Soft has an experience and expertise in the IT field translates this potential into qualified advantage. Under the supervision of professional consultancy committee, New Vital Soft outsource professional IT teams that match with each customer’s requirements. Those teams are guided with the following principles:

Cost Reduction:

With high competitive rates, New Vital Soft is confident of its ability to reduce the customer’s cost base substantially.


Recognizing that quality is the major differentiation factor in the software industry, New Vital Soft is committed to producing highest possible quality of software artifacts and IT services.
Although New Vital Soft has its own quality assurance procedures and methods for Source Code Review, White and Black Box Testing, it is always open to applying the customer's quality assurance measures and methods.


New Vital Soft outsourcing model offers customers maximum flexibility gaining all benefits of remote staffing, while they have maximum flexibility to increase / decrease working teams in their projects.
New Vital Soft offers remote fully equipped working environment, with qualified IT engineers that are totally on-line with the customer, reporting to him directly as if located in the same company.
New Vital Soft offers customers competitive advantage to focus on their innovations through offering offshore employee leasing.
Although New Vital Soft has its own proven software delivery process, New Vital Soft is flexible to adapt to the customer work environment and process. New Vital Soft staff would be happy to use the same customer tools and even get engaged with the customer process as any of the customer's in-house development team members.


New Vital Soft is committed to its transparency policy, that mandates keeping the customer on the same page with continuous project status reporting, including potential risk/problems and what measures/procedures has been taken to mitigate and overcome these problems.
New Vital Soft is committed to delivering work that can be measured and evaluated.

We Take Our Customers As Our Partners:

We not only provide workforce that fulfills its technical duties, but we take our customers as partners, we become interested in their success, we provide solutions and contribute ideas.