1- How long will it take to build a web site?
The time needed for building a website depends on many things:
A: The size of the website.
B: Availability of materials and data of the website.
C: The processes included in the website.
Generally, the small website will take about two weeks and the biggest one take about three months (full-process website or E-commerce website).

2-What's required from me (the customer) to build a website?
The written data needed for the website, such as, about the company, services, product catalogue, products images, contact information, and all these data should be delivered on a digital format. (if the customer doesn`t know what to content to put at his website , we extremely help on that )

3-Do I need a website?
Every business, organization, institution need a website. The website represents their existence in the virtual world.

4-Why to make a website?
There are many benefits that make you should have a website, for example:
Enhancing your company image.
Supporting your Customers.
Attract new customers.
Extend Your Business Hours.
Expand Your Market.
Promoting new products and services.
Improved Time to Market.
Cut your business overheads.

5- Why to work with New Vital Soft Solutions?
When you choose a certain company to work with, you usually evaluate it by different criterias such as : price, quality, time of work. We work to compete in all these criterias, but in addition to these criterias we offering free consulting and guide our customer to successfully fulfill his targets from the website.

6- What is the difference between the static and dynamic?
Static website is a number of web pages linked together and contains data such as text , graphics , photos or any digital materials . Any changes to these pages require someone with HTML skill or editing software.
Dynamic website is a website developed to read its data from a database. When the website administrator (any one who has the permission to control the website, and has the basic skills to work at the computer) wants to update information on the site such as adding news articles, events, add new product, he add it easily using a simple form then submit it to be published directly. Dynamic website has more flexibility and can do different and variable processes.

7- After choosing to work with New vital Soft, what is the process?
The project process can be summarized in the following phases:

A: Website Planning
this planning will be done based on the websites goals.

B: Website design
after accepting the website plan, the artistic design phase will be run. Before this phase starts we should have a feedback of company general charactaristics such as : colors scheme, logo, specific graphics and photos..etc

C: Website development
with the finishing of design phase and receiving all the site data, we start the development phase which includes a conversion process of the still image design into web pages.

D: Website testing
Testing will be done in two phases. Phase from our team and the other phase from the customer to test his own work. These two phases happens on a restricted server.

E: Publishing
When the testing process is complete from our team and the customer, the website will be ready for publishing, then it will be available to the public visitors from the registered customer domain name.

8-Already have a website, but I don't like it, how can you help me?
We can redesign your existing website, and use the exiting data to put with the new design. We can also add a new sections on the new design.

9- How to update on the content of my website?
Updating your website content depends on the website type you own. If it's a static website you send us the content (text, images, files... etc) by email or by hand and we update it for you. N.B: we update 25% of the site size free for the first year.
But if you have a dynamic website you just login to the site control panel and update it by your self (you don't have to own special skills to do this).

10- Is the design quality representing a different for my website?
Your website reflects your image on the internet. The people see your website, they don't see your business place . If they found your website professional and well designed, sure they will appreciate you and respect your company.

11- Why do not I build a website by myself?
Building a professional website is not as easy as some thinks. To build a professional website, you need at least two guys. One as a web designer, and the other one is the web developer. By a simple calculation, you can know how will it cost you every year to build and maintain your website.